For its tenth birthday, we decided to revisit Let it Lie by playing it just the way we had written and demo’d it ten years ago— the two of us, our producer Murray Pulver, the songs in their simplest iterations, a handful of different guitars. When we sat down to try and remember how the songs went, we were struck by how comforting and nostalgic it was, like catching up with an old friend. Suddenly the memories came flooding back. Suddenly ten years was just yesterday. These new acoustic versions of the songs are a fond and reverent look back on this time that has passed, both so quickly and so slowly. We hope that you enjoy all of this as much as we do. We hope it sparks a little joy or reminds you of something important, something you care about. Music can be funny that way, time can be funny that way too.

For Joey and Dave, rest wasn't always an easy thing to find. After pursuing separate careers as sidemen, they launched The Bros. Landreth with 2013's Let It Lie, a debut album that drew upon the shared soundtrack of their childhood — Bonnie Raitt's blues, Little Feat's funky country-rock, Ry Cooder's eclectic instrumentals, Lyle Lovett's twangy traditionalism — for a sound that saluted the past while planting its flag firmly in the present. Let It Lie was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, winning the 2015 JUNO Award for "Roots & Traditional Album Of The Year - Group," earning The Bros. Landreth a nomination for "International Artist of the Year" at the 2016 UK Americana Music Awards, and receiving praise from heroes like Bonnie Raitt. Years of near-constant touring in support of its release left the brothers exhausted, however, and the band took a three-year break before regrouping for 2019's '87. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic brought '87's accompanying tour to a halt, Joey and Dave began recording a new batch of songs in near-seclusion, pulling long hours in the studio and building songs one instrument at a time. They layered, experimented, and twisted sounds into something new, working alongside longtime co-producer Murray Pulver and a small group of guests. What emerged from those sessions was Come Morning: a transportive album built for the heart, the head, and the headphones.

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