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Martha Wainwright is beginning again.

The beguiling performer and songwriter returns with Love Will Be Reborn, out in August. Not since 2012’s Come Home to Mama has a Martha Wainwright record been so full of original written material. Wainwright’s fifth studio album follows recent years of loneliness and clarity in search of optimism and joy.

Wainwright wrote the first song—and what would become the title track— of the record a few years ago. It was a very dark time, she says, but the positivity and luminosity of “Love Will Be Reborn” signalled what was to come. The song simply poured out of her.

Martha Wainwright's role as an artist has always been to embrace her wildness and sketch out her raw depth. This edge is what makes Wainwright uncompromisingly herself and continues to draw in an audience two decades on. To begin again does not mean starting over. This process of rebirth honours the past to move forward. Love Will Be Reborn captures Wainwright’s heart in transition. In an effort to rise out of some painful depths, as she says much like a phoenix from the ashes of an existential twilight, Wainwright bore witness to what her heart endured to find a new joy once more.

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Bernice (Toronto, Canada) is the project of musician and songwriter Robin Dann and her longtime collaborators Thom Gill (keyboards), Philippe Melanson (e-percussion and drums), Daniel Fortin (bass), and Felicity Willians (voice).
The band, together since 2011, has released three full-length albums and an EP. Their two most recent albums were longlisted for the Polaris Prize.
Bernice’s music sits between genres. Some say “nu fusion” and we don’t mind that! New listeners can rely on hearing melodies sung (sometimes in harmony), lyrics at the heart, heavy use of the Yamaha Motif’s many perfect patches, multiple electronic drums such as the Handsonic, and a group of musicians who listen to each other closely and love songs.
Eau De Bonjourno, their most recent release (March 5, 2021) with Telephone Explosion Records in North America and Figureight Records in the UK, has garnered rave reviews and debuted at #10 on the National Top 50 albums in Canada. The New York Times called 2018’s Puff: In the air without a shape (Arts & Crafts) “a monument to ephemerality”.
Each of the five band members are independently busy with their own pursuits, so much so that A-Side wrote about them as “Toronto’s ever-evolving backing band”. Together and apart, they work and tour with Martha Wainwright, Andy Shauf, Bahamas, Lido Pimienta, Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene), and Devon Sproule, among many others.

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