“This has never been done before,” says series producer, Craig Martin. “There’s a real
thirst to hear these albums performed start to finish. For many of us this is the music we
grew up with—the soundtrack of our lives.”

“All of our focus is put into the music,” says Martin. “We perform the works of the
Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin the same way an orchestra performs the works of
Mozart. We don’t bother with imitation or impersonation. The bands are big — upwards
of eleven pieces. We research these albums and go to great lengths to reproduce each and
every sound live. We never use tape or computers. We’ll bring in a children’s choir, a sitar
player, a string quartet, whatever it takes to get it right.”

Each album calls or a new group of musicians. “That’s the real challenge,” says Martin,
“Finding the right musicians for the right album. So far, we’ve been bang on with every
performance.” Members of Nelly Furtado, Moist, Jesse Cook, Honeymoon Suite, David
Usher and the Headstones have all taken part in the performances



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